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Customized Mirror Display We are the commercial LCD display manufacturer who have started to produce mirror display since 2017. We are experienced on magic mirror product. The popular magic mirror kiosk we have been massive produce is the 55" model that integrated with touch, Windows player, camera and customers' 3D application software. The magic mirror model is suitable for using in hotel lobby, luxury stores, branding shops etc. The main spec - Panel size: 55"; - Panel brand: LG/BOE A+ grade panel. - Brightness 700nits; - Resolution: 1920*1080 (optional 4K 2160*3840); - Mirror glass: standard transmittance rate 30%-35% and Reflection rate 70%-65%; - Touch: PCAP touch (optional G+F); - OS: Windows above i5 cpu, 4G ram, 128g ssd; - Network: Wifi and RJ45; - Speaker: 10w*2; - Camera: Microsoft Kinect camera module support 3D application; - Frame: metal plate (support customization); - Color: black (support customize); Please contact our sales engineer for details specification and further discussion. Contact: Sophia Zhang Email: sophiazhang@zyulcd.com Skype: sophia201205 WhatsApp: 0086 13632653506 * Our company cultural: QUALITY. * Reliable sales engineer team timely and efficiently support after-sales service. * Professional R&D and tech team for customize solution and electronic tech support. * Flexible remote support via Teamviewer/WhatsApp/Skype etc. * Reliable QC team on controlling every details quality before shipping. * Certificate: ISO9001, FCC, CE, CCC, RHoS. Please learn about our actual factory/workshop/office from our VR viewing link: https://www.linked-reality.com/company/15771/en One of our workshops Q&A Q: How long is for your production lead time? A: For standard design, production lead time is 20 days. For customization solution: production lead time is around 22 working days. Q: How long for producing one sample? A: For standard design, sample lead time is 20 days. For customization design, sample L/T need around 22 working days. Q: What brand LCD panel you are using? A: BOE, AUO, LG are the main brand we are using. Q: Can we meed only HDMI input? We want use our own player box. A: Yes, we can make only HDMI input then you can connect your player box. Q: Can you add screw at base for us to lock the display to floor for safety in shopping mall? A: Yes, we support add screws on base.Customized Mirror Display website:http://www.zyo-displays.com/mirror-display/

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Customized Mirror Display

Customized Mirror Display