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Heavy Trucks factory H7 series Wing van are aimed at the mid-to high-end market, which is mainly distributed in developing countries such as south-east Asia, with emissions ranging from Euro II to Euro V, there are options for 4X2 and 6X4 and 8X4 driving models. Horsepower ranges from 310 to 560 horsepower. Wing opening Box type Refrigerated Low hurdle board Warehouse grating CAMC cargo truck products cover different grades, different body widths and different platforms, with a great variety of products, covering the whole target market of light, medium and heavy trucks. According to the functional division, the space for refitting is large. Why choose the CAMC 10 wheeler wing van? 1. CAMC group is the oldest manufacturer in China heavy-duty truck field. 2. We will provide detail photos and video of the truck, what you see is what you get. 3. We are a large and reliable company with a good reputation. 4. A guaranteed and good truck will save you a lot of time and help you work more efficient. Packing & Shipping Nude and Wax 1. By Ro-Ro. 2. By Flat Rack Container. 3. By Bulk. 4. By road or rail. 5. SKD/CKDHeavy Trucks factory website:http://www.camc-global.com/heavy-trucks/

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Heavy Trucks factory

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Heavy Trucks factory